Talkaboat 1x1


We have a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000 Aboat Tokens which will be distributed as shown below.

The income of the single stages will be distributed by following scheme:

Sale Type Limit Price per coin Hardcap Date Time
Private Sale 0.1 BNB/50BNB 0,00000002 BNB 2000 BNB TBA TBA
Public Sale 0.1 BNB/20BNB 0,000000025 BNB 2500 BNB TBA TBA
Sale Type Liquidity Marketing Audit Development
Public Sale 56.25 % 16.875 % 10 % 16.875 %
Public Sale 80 % 10 % - 10 %
  • Release Price: 0,000000025 BNB


  • There will be no vesting of Dev Token, as we don't recieve any.
  • Sale vesting team: The development and marketing funds will be vested over 12 month with an inital release of 25%
  • Marketing Tokens will be vested over 2 years with 10 % instant release (5% per month)
  • Private Sale vesting: 20 % instant release, 18 month vesting
  • Public Sale vesting community: 40 % instant release, 6 month vesting (10% per month)

Notice: The sales will take place on

Notice: Unsold coins will be sent into reward system

Notice: Claimables are distributed for listening to both - the creator and the listener


Contracts are currently developed and subject of change. We did a first audit on

Due to a strategic change we had to do minor adjustments on the contracts.

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