Transfer Fees

We have a variable fee structure. The basic fees are 1% of every outgoing transfer.

Notice: Outgoing transfers are:

  • Sell Talkaboat
  • Remove Liquidity (the fee will be reduced on calling Add Liquidity)
  • Transfer from wallet A to wallet B/exchange

Podcast-Creators can claim their podcast and get whitelisted. This means they are not subject of fees as reciever and all donations send to them will reach them by 100%.

They will still have fees on sell/sending/liquidity

The higher your total Talkaboat balance is, the more fees will be involved for a transaction.
Start Limit: 5%
Calculation for Fee: Max(5, Min(1, Your total balance/Total Talkaboat supply * 10)
Meaning: If you own atleast 0.5% of the total supply you will have a 5% fee on every transfer

Talkaboat will have a future total supply of 1,000,000,000,000 token.
If you own 25,000,000,000 and make an outgoing transfer a fee of 2.5% will occur.

  • Donation will be distributed to a foundation via community voting. Frequency will be dependent on the fill up speed
  • Liquidity will sell 50% for BNB/BUSD/USDT, add those with Talkaboat as liquidity and burn the liquidity token
  • Redistribution will go back into reward pool
  • Team fee is to keep the whole thing running and will be used for marketing, development, salary and bills.

Strategic Notice

We start with a temporary fee of 5 - 10 % on outgoing transactions. This helps us to prevent pump and dump and makes it more unlikely for bots to make unbeneficial trades to dump on someone who's buying.

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